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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Too much PDA, esp. if you're old

Picked Jennifer up from school early today. She wasn't feeling well this am, but I guilted her into going to school, as I couldn't stay at home today.

So just before PE, I appear. She's hungry, since she skipped lunch, after declaring it gross, and remember that promise I made to take her to Jamba Juice? Ok, fine, off we go.

On the way out, we spot a couple, about Gary and I's age (61 and 49 if you must know) holding hands as they walk into the movie theater.

Ugh!, says my daughter, and she's not talking about the oatmeal.

"That couple is way too old to be holding hands," she sniffed.

"You hold hands with your boyfriend," I counter.

"That's different, we're young. When you get that old, you shouldnt' be holding hands," she said. "You and Dad don't hold hands."

Frankly I wish we did more of that.

"We did before you were born," I shot back.

"Ok," I add. "What about senior citizens? I've heard you say they're cute when they hold hands."

"Yeah, when you're really old," she said. "Then it's cute. Until then cut it out."

So, when you're about ready to die, it's okay to be romantic. Such a nice thought just before V-day.

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