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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Portal to Hell, Part 2

Well, apparently Jennifer should have passed her driver's ed test, but didn't.

We looked up one answer she gave (should you have high beam or low beam lights in the fog) and yes, she gave the correct answer. Unfortunately,the computer marked it wrong, and there is no appeal.

That happened to a friend of mine, and she, unlike Jennifer, complained on site. And still was told that the computer is always right,tough come back in 4 hours and don't forget another $20. (I'm realizing now how the Department of Licensing in Washington makes its revenue forecasts.)

The other question she didn't get correct, I'm not sure I would have either.

A. If you're riding a bike on the wrong side of the road or making a wrong move, what will happen to you?
The correct answer is get a ticket.

The real answer is that nothing will happen to you, as usually the cops have better things to do.

B. Where should you keep a bottle of liquor in the car.
The correct answer is capped and away from the driver.

The real answer is that yes, you keep it away from the driver, and the passenger, corked in or in the trunk.

C. What color do school buses flash when they stop, and what should you do?
The correct answer is "orange" and you should stop.

The real answer is who cares what color they are flashing. If a school bus stops in front of you, you should also stop.

OK, back to the portal of hell, bright and early Tuesday morning for another try.

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