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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm resigning from my UN peacekeeping post

"You're not mad at me are you?"

This was after Jennifer and I drove to Top Foods in rather stony silence after she announced that she just couldn't talk to either of us any more and couldn't express her true feelings to us, certainly not to her father, and as of yesterday, not to me.

Okaaay. I actually thought we had a pretty good relationship, and suspected that part of my "firing" as confidant had to do with the fact I'd taken Gary's side on whether or not he was rude to Jennifer in telling her to clean up a pile of teriyaki had had just ejected itself from the fridge late Tuesday night (note to self- we need to clean the fridge before it starts growling at us).

I was listening to from the bedroom, and heard Jennifer open the door, and the thunk of something falling out.

"Well, it looks like you're going to need to get a broom or towel and clean that up" - Gary

"That won't work" Jennifer

"Well, find something to clean it up, since you made the mess" - Gary

"Stop being rude dad" -Jennifer

"I'm not being rude" Gary

"yes you are"-Jennifer

And on and on. She finally cleaned up the chicken T and I decided to stay out of. But alas, Gary came back fuming over her tone (which was getting snarkier by the second) and wanted to ground her this weekend.

I just let it be, and sure enough, he changed his mind by the next day, but we both agreed, next time the snark comes out, the texting or the privileges are going away.

Fast forward to last night. She's in tears and mumbling something about reading something in her lit class (which I don't recall signing a permission for for) about how middle class families often ignore their teens emotional needs. (Thank you mr. McDermott)

So, now we're both evil. And she wants a counselor to discuss her true self with.

Fine. Fine. I"ll ask around today. And I'm officially retiring from this gig.

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