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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Breaking Up, MySpace Style

My daughter has had a boyfriend (same grade, age, classes) for one month, two weeks and four days and about three hours.

Recently, she was thinking about breaking up with him, and discussed said thoughts with her girlsfriends on their MySpace pages. (for the reason why she wasn't discussing it on her MySpace page, see the first post.)

Now, everyone - boy and girl - seems to chatter with each other by texting, IMing or looking at the various MySpace comment walls. So, wouldn't you know that said boyfriend looks at one of her friends walls and sees this discussion. He then goes directly to my daughter and asks if he is the boy that is discussed there.

She equivocates. (I told her that actually, she lied) He's reassured. So the relationship continues for at least another week (which is getting rather long in the tooth for middle school relationships.)


D-caff said...

I am so glad my daughter doesn't have a boyfriend. At least not one that I know about....

Barbara Clements said...

(: Are you sure A. doesn't have her eye on someone?


kentbarb said...

Another talk about said boyfriend. I finally said, look, if you break up with him, for gawd's sake, do it in person.

No tell my bf to tell him. No phone calls. And NO texting (her bf did break up with her boyfriend that way..she texted a 'dear john' letter.

Good grf.