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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Space, or no My Space

My daughter wants a My Space account.

Her dad has said absolutely, positively, no.

It doesn't matter that all friends have an account, or that I have a Facebook account, or that there are new security measures. No My Space, at least until she's 16.

Jennifer has the unfortunate stroke of fate to be the progeny of two journalists - one who still works in the news biz and both who have done too many stalker stories. She begged, she pleaded, she slammed doors and pouted. We were relegating her to a life of solitude without one.

The compromise was getting her unlimited texting, and she uses her BF's account to talk to her boyfriend and other friends.

Gary's main fear is that she'd accept friends, who in fact were 50-year-old men, and bang, they are in her accnt and know which school she's at and what she looks like.

Anyone else out there have any views on this?

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