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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas, religion and crazy people

My daughter doesn't do church, so she'll probably not be coming to Christmas eve services tonight but that doesn't mean she's agnostic. She stopped going to church at about nine years old, and I haven't been able to get her back since.

However, last year, they were having some sort of comparative religion section in her social studies class, and all her friends were on the side that religion is harmful and stupid (which on some points, I agree). J. was apparently the only one who stood up and said that she's sees value in Christianity, and religion.

A good series to watch is "God's Warriors" which aired on CNN earlier this year. It takes a looks at the extremists in each religion and wouldn't you know, J. wanted to stay up and watch it with me, all three, two-hour parts. It gave us a look at Muslims, Christianity and Judaism and the fringe parts of each. J. thought that that the Jewish settlers were the worst of the bunch, which surprised me.

I think she was upset that they felt it was okay to plan an attack on a Muslim middle school. I can't really argue with that, except that there are some Muslim groups that obviously feel it's okay to attack anyone who doesn't believe as they do.

Maybe they'll have good treats at church, that's always a good lure.

There was a good program on last night called Voices of God, talking to religious men of all faiths, and one woman (we'll gripe about that later) and I'd recommend it as well. At any rate, Merry Christmas, every one.

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