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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Peregrine falcons or army men?

That was the dilemma facing me as my daughter looked up at me pleadingly last night.

I had just come to pick here up at her best friend's house after work, and she and N. were working furiously on a history project showing the battle of Gettysburg. Could I please, please, please go out and get some of the Army men (Toy Story style) to represent the Union and Rebel troops. I had planned to go to the Rainier Audubon Society's cookie swap and peregrine falcon lecture.

But she needed a good grade on this after flaming out on her video assignment (see earlier post) of which she received a C because it wasn't edited enough and she wouldn't allow her father to touch it. So, back to the falcons versus Army men choice.

I chose the Army men, and drove off to K-Mart and the Dollar Store. K-Mart was a bust, but fortunately there were four bags of these guys, complete with bazookas, left. I took two, and then was stuck at the cash-only check out line rummaging around for my last $2 in change.

The clerk gave me a rather odd look as I paid for the rest in dimes.

"I hope she does well on her map," she called to me as I rushed out the door, back to the bf's house.

This morning, we were rushing around, J. had come down with a cough and a cold and we were late, as usual, in rushing out the door. Just as we pulled up to school, I turned and said "Did you bring your Army guys?"

Her look said it all. Of course not.

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