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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mom, I don't need to see this!

Usually my hubby goes to bed before his night owl daughter and wife.

So that means Jennifer and I are trying to be quiet in her bathroom at about midnight, brushing our teeth, washing our face, et al.

Then it gets to taking off the clothes, which end up in a heap by the tub. About three years ago my daughter decided she didn't want me to see her naked anymore. Now, this year, she's decided she doesn't want to see me naked either.

"Mom," she barks, as I take off my bra and undies (no, not the ones I bought in the previous post) "What makes you think I want to see this!"

"Jennifer, in case you haven't noticed, we're both women."

"I don't even like it when in the locker room when everyone's taken off their clothes. Please do that somewhere else."

This coming from a child that used to strip off her clothes at 2 or 3 and run naked through the house, and probably outdoors if I let her. And from the child that, between 9-10, when mom was taking a bath, trying to unwind, would run down the hall and she'd crawl in the tub with me, despite Gary saying mom needs her alone time and to stay away.

Now, at 14, she yelps when I walk into her room, and you'd think we were strangling a cat if Gary happens upon her.

So banished to my own bathroom, I ask my husband how we raised such a prude.

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