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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mom, turn off that music

Each day, driving my daughter to school, she usually hums along with me to 106.9, which as we all know by now, has been playing Christmas carols since mid-November. But once we pull up to school, she frowns and tells me to turn off the radio while she opens the door, with strict instructions to NOT turn the radio back on until she's away. (At this point I'm itching to find a Barry Manilow song and crank the volume.)

She can't have her friends think that she actually likes that music, she tells me. When I threaten to jack up the sound just as she meets up with her friends, she just glares, as only a 14-year-old can, and stomps away.

1 comment:

kentbarb said...

Apparently this ban on any music applies to artist even she likes (josh groban today.) He was in the middle of O Holy Night when we pulled up to the school.

As usual, she tells me to turn it off.