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Monday, December 24, 2007

So far so good on church...

A. isn't what I'd call an enthusiastic churchgoer (and what middle schooler is?). But I think that has more to do with the fact that it requires getting up on Sunday mornings rather than the theology.
Also, we have a semi-decent youth program, so she and all the other young folks only have to sit through a bit of the grown-up stuff, then they head off downstairs for fun, games and -- hopefully -- a subtle message about life, the universe and everything, to paraphrase one of my favorite philosophers, Douglas Adams.
Our Christmas Eve service is short, sweet and song-filled, and it's become part of our family tradition. We open gifts from family on Christmas Eve, so I started very young with an edict: No church, no presents. So we look forward to church because we know the goodies come after!
Do you suppose I'm going to hell for that little bit of mommy bribery? Oh wait. I don't believe in hell, so never mind.


kentbarb said...

Actually, I'm taking a page from the early church fathers -work with what's already there to get folks to church.

They borrowed heavily from Druid and Roman traditions (saturanelia) with the trees, evergreens, candles, et al.

So why not? We have a advent wreath (not this year, but that's another story) and we light the candles and I read to her, her choice of a book.

She just said she might go with me tonight, so who knows? Tide might be turning.


MommyCheryl said...

OK, here's our Christmas Eve church and kids story... We've made a tradition of going to the 5:30 p.m. children's service, looking longingly at the gorgeous sanctuary as they prepare with the string quartet for the grown-up service two hours later, but knowing it's a few years off before the boys would even think of letting us sit through it.

Anyway, this year we have a new pastor and he's great with the kids. But he got a theological boxing lesson from them Christmas Eve. He made the mistake of having them help tell the story of Christmas through a nativity set he'd hidden. Tangents abounded. Did you know Joseph has to have a beard, but no glasses? Why weren't there penguins at the nativity? Yes, I know you said it was Magi from Iran, very smart guys etc., but where are the kings? There have to be kings -- three of them. It was worse (and funnier) in person.

At 4, the lure of church is crafts in Sunday School. As I read this blog I realize, I'm going to have to get a bit more creative as they age...