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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Homework battles. Are they worth the fight?

In the end, she just handed in the film to her social studies teacher and figured he could download and watch their video production.

My daughter and her group had flamed out of writing the script (received and F, and told to rewrite it). So they did, and then when it came time to download their next Sundance nominee, they couldn't figure out how to get it out of the camera to the DVD.

Now my husband has spent the last 30 years in television, and could have probably done this entire procedure in 20 minutes, if that. But no. She didn't want to go down to KOMO. She didn't want to bring her friends. She didn't want to be set up in a professional editing room, with Gary's promises he'd leave her alone.

Some of this is inevitable, since Gary has a tendency to take over a project (maps, science, math, you name it). He cedes the writing and art to me, my fortes. But our daughter doesn't want him helping her with homework anymore, even when it means that she would benefit from his help.


I hate homework. And apparently, so do other parents.

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