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Thursday, December 20, 2007

OMG, B4YKI she broke up in IM world, ignored my .02

I should have known that despite my sage advice, this was going to happen.

Today, my daughter decided to go for the "single life" as she put it, and broke up through e-mail with her long term boyfriend of all of three months (which, she hastily reminds me, is three times the duration of my first relationship)

She said that he was okay with it. Which I guess, in truth, he was, since he promptly texted his BF and said he was single again, "let's go party!" Now, said best friend passed this around his friends, and it ended up back in J.'s IM box. She promptly labeled him a douche bag and IM'd all her friends.

Okay, well that was quick. And I guess no x-mas present from Jim.

@TEOTD, You knew she was going to ditch my 411 and B4YKI, be single again. (To translate this, go here.)


kentbarb said...

And now I find my daughter in her room, in tears, furiously texting everyone she could think of.

Apparently said ex was texting how glad he was to be single, which I guess smarted even tho I reminded J., she broke up with him.

I guess she wanted him to be suitably miserable for a bit.


fashi0niztah said...

wow, where did u find that list of txting shortcuts? so cool.. i didn't think there were so many XD hahah