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Monday, December 10, 2007

Mom, I'm too old to go here anymore...

My daughter said this as we're sitting in Pediatrics Northwest, Federal Way office, surrounded by newborns and two-year-olds. She's been seeing Dr. Ory since she was, oh two days old, and now, 14 years later, she's beginning to notice the age difference.

Same holds true when we visit Kent's Children's Dental Care. There might be some kids there who are 10 or 12, but usually, she's the oldest one. So I finally relented and took her to my dentist, who carefully gained her trust (J. had had an awful experience when she was five. She had 13 cavities due to high fevers when she was a baby stripping away her enamel. The dentist was not sympathetic.)

So, after an hour in the dentist chair, filling a cavity last week, J. had decided that Dr. Kutz is okay. One hurdle down. Now I just need to find an adult doc she can trust. My husband had it right, if a doctor would just specialize in tween or teen medicine, they could make a mint.

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