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Thursday, December 20, 2007

No texting at the table, please

We're at the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle, busy waiting for our appetizer and going over the menu, which starts at $25 a plate, salad extra.

It's our traditional "treat ourselves for the holidays" and we've decided to do it big as family, with dinner and then go see Jersey Boys. Both my husband and I look up and there is J., head down, texting her friends.

"Common, J.," Gary says, "turn that off. You're at the table now. It's family time."

Insert glare here.

"Dad, you two are boring, and I'm just talking to my friends," she said.

"You don't see mom and I with our cell phones at the plate do you?" he countered. "Turn it off."

Reluctantly she complied, but not before she took a picture of the $225 martini on the menu (had gold flakes on the rim) and sent it to all her friends, with an explainer. Another excuse to text no doubt, and to add that she was being forced to sign off, and her parents were LMO.

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