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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mom, can I go to a New Year's party?


But I checked that answer and tried to answer reasonably. Okay, who's giving it?


And are Elliott's parents going to be there?


Okay, here's the deal, I have to actually talk to Elliott's mom or dad, and check to make sure that's true, find out the ground rules of the party and how many kids are going to be there and if they are going to be there through the entire party as well.


If you don't agree to this, no deal.

Fine. (insert rolled eyes and hair flip here)

Then she tells me that Elliott's parents are having a few friends over too. Warning bells start to ring. I assume that there will be alcohol at that party. Who is going to make sure the kids don't sneak up from the den and spike their own cool aid? Are there going to be any non-drinking designated adults to keep an eye on the kids?

Okay, I see that I'm going to end up looking like the overprotective bitch in the conversation with Elliot's parents. They will probably take offense as well, at questions about whether they have guns in the house, are they under lock and key and if either of them are convicted felons. (did I mention I was a crime reporter in a past life?)

So deep breath here. I just can't see, at 14, allowing kids to have one party, while the parents are having another upstairs. So I'm about ready for the glare and the "ruining my life" speech when Jennifer breezes into the room and sez the party is off.

They kids are going to meet up at the theaters on New Years eve and go to a movie together instead.

I try to make a show out of looking disappointed.

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